Vardenafil For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can easily be defined as the inability to gain and maintain an erection. It has become a very common condition today. It is more pronounced in older men between 40 to 70 years of age, but it can happen to any man at any age.

There have been many attempts to treat erectile dysfunction in the past couple of decades. Consequently, this has led to development of Vardenafil; a phosphodiesterase inhibitor (PDE5) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil has increasingly become the most preferred medication for treating erectile dysfunction. In this regard, it is therefore crucial to understand all aspects of Vardenafil as a trusted treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Development and Usage of Vardenafil

For many decades the deeper pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction had not been well understood. This consequently resulted in the belief that this condition could only be treated by use of penile implants or psychosexual therapy. Over time and research it was learnt that erectile dysfunction results not only from psychological imbalances but also from some hormonal etiologies.

It is for this reason that PDE5 inhibitors such as Vardenafil taken orally were developed as a preferred treatment for the condition. Among other uses, Vardenafil treats erectile dysfunction by initiating relaxation of blood vessel muscles. This leads to increased blood flow to the major parts of the body. Other brands of Vardenafil can also be used in treatment of arterial hypertension and cases of enlarged prostrate.

Things to Consider Before Taking Vardenafil

It is important to inform your doctor of any medicines you are currently using as some may cause dangerous effects when used with Vardenafil. For instance, taking Vardenafil when you are using nitrate medication can lead to decreased blood pressure. Do not therefore take Vardenafil when using a nitrate drug for heart or chest pain treatment. Do not consume alcohol while using Vardenafil as this can result in side effects.

Inform your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following while on Vardenafil medication;

– Painful erection lasting over 4 hours

– Sudden loss of vision or blurred vision; decreased blood pressure to the optic nerves caused by Vardenafil can result into vision loss.

– If you experience dizziness or numbness in any body parts during sexual activity stop and inform your doctor.


It is recommended that you take Vardenafil only once per day. Do not take the medicine in any other larger or smaller amounts apart from what is stated. For erectile dysfunction, always take the Vardenafil tablet just before sexual activity; only once per day. It is crucial to understand that erections will not just occur upon taking the tablet; you will require some sexual stimulation. Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

If you miss a dose of Vardenafil take it immediately when you remember. In case of overdose, seek medical attention as soon as you can. Avoid using other impotence medications when taking Vardenafil.

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